10 Most Sensitive Hot Spots On Male And Female Body, According To Research

Think there’s only one true hot spot on the male and female body?
Well, not exactly. When asked to rate the level of arousal for different
body parts, both men and women offered up a surprising variety of
erogenous zones, according to a recent study in the journal Cortex.

Researchers surveyed 793 men and women recruited through colleges in
the U.K. and South Africa and asked them to rate each body part on a
scale of 1 to 10 in terms of level of arousal (10 being the hottest).
Check out the infographic below to find out the hot zones on male and
female body.


1. LOWER BACK (4.73)

A friend lays his hands on your shoulder. But a lover? His hand can
usually be found at your waist. And once it slips lower, well, that’s
when things escalate. Like, good escalate.

2. EARS (5.06)

Not really that big of a surprise, ears can be remarkably sensitive.
Gentle touching can get our attention. But mix in some lips and
nibbling? That’s when he wants to get our attention.

3. BACK OF NECK (6.20)

Such an underrated erogenous zone; the back of the neck is one that
is sorely neglected and underappreciated. Most women are slightly
ticklish here, but a good lover knows just how to work that to his

4. INNER THIGH (6.70)

Um, yes, please! This takes teasing to a whole other level. Spending
time here just heightens the anticipation and the fun. Wink wink.

5. BREASTS (7.35)

Most men go crazy for them breasts, and we ain’t complaining. ‘Cause
at the end of the day, they’re on the right track. Especially the ones
who don’t just pounce but take their time. Back me up, ladies!

6. NIPPLES (7.35)

Err, yes, this one is just about a no-brainer. Unless you’ve been
brought up Amish, you’re probably already well aware that nipples have
much greater purpose than just nursing tiny humans. Hehe.

7. NAPE OF NECK (7.51)

The ideal place for him to plant that sexy hickey. Interestingly, the
nape of the neck has scored marginally higher than the old school
erogenous zones – breasts and nipples. To be fair, there is a reason we
never really outgrow those teenage hickeys.

8. MOUTH/LIPS (7.91)

Another underrated erogenous zone, but a high scorer on this scale!
There is not much he can do wrong with lips – kissing, teasing – and
we’re instantly in the mood. Just no slobbering though. Yikes.

9. VAGINA (8.40)

This one comes as no surprise. Like, at all. You don’t need a copy of Lovemaking For Dummies to discover this jackpot of sensitivity.

10. CLITORIS (9.17)

Hello, nerve endings! This tiny little region is a veritable atomic
bomb in terms of sensation. Research shows that stimulating this tiny,
little region is the quickest and easiest way to get a woman to climax.


1. EARS (4.30)

The next time cricket season is on and he refuses to take his eyes
off the game… you know exactly where to oh-so innocently touch him. Or
maybe nibble. That’s right, we can play dirty as well.

2. BACK OF NECK (4.53)

Another severely underappreciated region of the male anatomy. Catch
him by surprise with a soft quick kiss or gentle tracing when his back
is turned. Fast forward a minute later, and we guarantee you will be
having the steamiest makeout session of your life.


This region is rather concentrated with nerve endings as well. All
you need is to explore it. Thoroughly. This is a one-time investment
that will really pay well. Wink wink.

4. PERINEUM (4.81)

This is one region you may have to take his consent before exploring.
If he likes it (which we pretty much think he will), he’ll respond in a
positive way. So, watch out for those cues, and drive him loco.

5. NIPPLES (4.89)

Yes, male nipples are sensitive too! Hello, equality ladies. Give his special region some quality time too.

6. NAPE OF THE NECK (5.65)

Though touching the neck doesn’t seem to be as much as a turn on for
men as it is for women, this one spot is still pretty high on the to-go
erogenous zones. So, don’t neglect it!

7. INNER THIGH (5.84)

Men also haveplenty of nerve endings here. Don’t be hasty and miss your chance! Explore just how you would like to be explored.

8. SCROTUM (6.50)

One of the most notable erogenous zones for men (oh, trust us, we
know because they like to remind us), this region is supremely sensitive
to touch. A little goes a long way.

9. MOUTH/ LIPS (7.03)

Men also prize their mouths as extremely sensitive erogenous zones,
which are highly responsive to light touching, pressure, and temperature
(use your imagination). Fun fact: Kissing also happens to release the
love hormone oxytocin, so pucker up!


We don’t really need a study to confirm this one. Oh, we know. The
only insightful little tidbit science can give us is that, apparently,
circumcision doesn’t actually decrease sensitivity or sexual
satisfaction for men (3). So, there’s that.

There you have it – 10 hotspots that you should be enjoying with your partner. They areso going to be thankful. And now they know exactly how to thank you! Aren’t we just the best?