11 Signs She’s A Wife Material

Girls may come and go, but a girl who’s wifey material? She’s on a different level. So, how does a guy know if he’s lucky enough to be dating one of these special ladies?

1. If she doesn’t judge you for your past.

A girl who’s wifey material knows that everyone looks back on their lives wishing that they had done some things differently. But she also knows that there’s no point in wasting your time with regret. She cares more about where you’re going, than where you come from.

2. If she knows the difference between your and you’re.

Let’s be real – there’s nothing sexier than a girl with a sharp mind. And okay, slip-ups do occur. After all, we live in the world of texting and typos are inevitable. But a girl who’s got a brain has a backbone. She respects herself, she makes her own money, she’s got priorities, and she teases you with her wordplay (which is foreplay in its own right).

3. If she puts up with your shit.

Romance isn’t all rainbows and honey blossoms, okay? As sassy and crazy as she can get sometimes, you’re not always a fucking ride through Disneyland either. If she still manages to love the shit out of you, even as you burp and belch in her face, fart on the couch during sentimental movie scenes, and drag her to football games with you (even though she doesn’t know what the fuck is going on), then you might wanna hold onto her.

4. If she calls you out on your shit.

A girl who puts up with your shit is great and all, but if she doesn’t call you out when you go too far, it stops being fun. You better be wise and listen to her when she does call you out because when a real wifey says she’s had enough, it really means she’s had enough.

5. If she never gives up on you.

You know she’s wifey material if she sticks around with you through all the good, bad, and broke times. She’s your biggest cheerleader. When something doesn’t seem to be working out for you, she doesn’t see it as failure – she sees it as a minor setback. She wants you to achieve your dreams and will be on your side every step of the way.

6. If she gives you another chance.

Whoever paved the road to romance sure forgot to take care of all the potholes and speed bumps. Then again, no one said love was gonna be an easy ride. If your girl still can’t get rid of her soft spot for you – even after you’ve flaked out on a million dinner dates – she might just fall under the wifey category.

7. If she bros out with you and your friends.

Your girl is wifey material if she likes to hang with you and your friends. They don’t see her as some chick you bring around every so often; they see her as one of the gang. They treat her with respect and actually care about what she’s got to say. That being said, you also make just as much effort to hang out with her friends. When she’s happy, you’re happy.

8. If you’re most attracted to her when she’s looking the least “attractive.”

Society has obviously never been in love. What’s considered “hot” in magazines is actually nowhere near as hot as the fire you feel in your chest when you see your girl with no makeup on, in flannel PJs, wearing a pair of glasses. If you agree, perhaps it’s time to take her to wifeyland.

9. If she’s an escape from the rest of the world.

If you’re looking forward to seeing her while you’re at work or hanging out with your friends, you gotta get your priorities straight and straight-up wife that girl. A girl who’s wifey material will be your little slice of heaven away from all the other shit that’s going on – and she’ll bring you up when you’re feeling down.

10. If she’s the first thing you think about in the morning.

If she gives you knots in the stomach when you kiss her, puts a smile on your face when you think about her, and makes you do stupid crazy cute things that’d normally make you cringe – go ahead, put a ring on her. That’s all I’m saying.

11. If she’s your best friend.

If you can talk to her like a best friend,

Do her like a mistress,

And love her like a girlfriend,

That’s it, she’s wifey material.