8 Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is very important for your overall health and it is essential
for us in order to live. So, we want to raise general awareness of the
importance of drinking water regularly and daily.

Here are some signs that will tell you that you’re not drinking enough water:

1. Frequency of urination

If you drink enough water then you will urinate at least 6-7 times
daily. But, if this number is less than 5 times, consider that you’re
not drinking enough water. But, notice also that if insufficient intake
of water will cause kidney failure and many other health problems.

2. Dry skin

If you don’t consume enough water your skin will not be smooth and
nice like you’d expect it. If you have a dry skin for a longer period,
then make sure you drink at least one glass of water every hour.

3. Headaches

Insufficient intake of water will also cause a lot of headaches. But
there are many types of headaches, so how to make a difference what’s a
headache from dehydration?

Well, those headaches are more severe as you move.

4. Dry Mouth

One of the most common symptoms that is most noticeable. The lack of saliva can result in mayor damages in your oral cavity.

5. Color of the urine

If you lack water, the color of your urine will change dramatically.
Instead of having a lightly colored urine, you’ll have dark urine, and
if your urine is brown, then you suffer from a severe dehydration.

6. Hunger

You should never confuse hunger with the need for water. So, if you
have some cravings for food, drink a glass of water to make sure you’re
not just thirsty.

7. Dizziness

When you feel dizzy sometimes, you shouldn’t worry so much, because
it is probably a sign that your body has lost a lot fluids, and you
should drink water right away!

8. Chronic dehydration

Severe dehydration can manifest through many symptoms, such as:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Premature aging
  • Confusion / anxiety
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Constipation / heartburn