8 Things That All Husbands Want From Their Wives In Marriage

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise anymore that your man is going
to want to have sex with you. In fact, it might be very important to
him. A lot of times, a man will admit that it might even admit that
sexual chemistry is really something that matters when it comes to

However, you have to know that even though men are sexual creatures,
that doesn’t mean that that is all they want or need in a relationship.
All men are going to have desires in a marriage that transcend mere
sexual needs. And if you want to be the best wife you can possibly be,
then you need to familiarize yourself with these needs to the best of
your abilities.

Husbands aren’t always going to be so vocal or open about what they
want or need from their wives. However, that shouldn’t stop you from
trying to figure him out in that regard. And if you’re feeling lost in
that aspect of your marriage, don’t worry.

This article is going to help you out. You always have to make sure
that you don’t take your marriage for granted. Just because he doesn’t
ask you for certain things doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be making an
effort for him. If you make sure that you give him the things that are
listed on here, then you are putting yourself in the position to have a
very strong and healthy marriage that will last a long time.

1. Affection

He is always going to want you to express your affection for him. He
might not admit it. He might not be so willing to show his desire for
your affection. But he does secretly crave it. No man is ever going to
deny a woman’s love and affection for him; particularly his wife. So,
never be shy to tell him just how much you love and adore him.

2. Patience and Understanding

He isn’t always going to do the right thing in life and in the
relationship. And during those times, he hopes that you will always stay
patient and understanding with him. He hopes that you would always
understand that he is only human and that he’s still learning.

3. Appreciation and Gratitude

If you’re lucky, then you’re going to be with a guy who actually does
his best for you and your relationship. He’s going to put a lot of
effort into your love. And he’s going to wish that you acknowledge his
efforts. He’s going to hope that you are appreciative of everything that
he does for you.

4. Acceptance

He hopes that you would be able to accept him for who he is. He knows
that he is incredibly flawed and imperfect. He knows that he has his
fair share of shortcomings. But he hopes that you would be able to love
him in spite of all these things.

5. Less Drama

This is a universal truth: all men hate drama. And he’s going to want
you to make sure that you aren’t bringing any unnecessary drama into
your life. He is going to want to find stability, consistency, and
reliability in you. Drama is only going to shake things up and rock the

6. Respect

No relationship in this world is ever going to be strong or healthy
when it is not built on a foundation of mutual respect. He is always
going to want you to respect him as a human being and as a lover. He
will not want you to demean him or make him feel like any less than who
he is.

7. Freedom

Just because the two of you get into a relationship doesn’t mean that
you’re going to give up your individuality. And that’s important for
him to keep. He will always want his freedom. And sometimes, he will ask
for space. He hopes that you would be able to respect that and give it
to him.

8. Trust

He is going to want you to trust him at all times. He isn’t going to
want to be in a relationship with a girl who is constantly looking over
his shoulder and making sure that he isn’t screwing around. He doesn’t
want a wife who can’t trust him enough to actually let him be. He will
want you to always trust that he will do the right thing.