9 Things Men Would Only Do When They’re In Love

A guy will never go beyond limits for a girl until he loves her and
wants her attention. And there are many things boys do to make their
relationship work better with time and keep a hold of the love bond. You
will be wondering what those things are that guys only do when they are
in love? Here is the list.

1. He Shares Everything

When a man loves a girl, he will want to share each and everything
with her love-lady- we mean everything. From talking about everything to
sharing ice cream to eating together- he will prove that he is in love
with that girl.

2. He Holds Your Hand Everywhere

Hand-holding is quite common in all new relationships, but only a
special kind of couple would do it just about anywhere, regardless of
the situation. If he reaches your hand while driving together, rest
assured you’re the only thing on his mind. And if he does it in the most
public of places, marry him immediately.

3. His Free Time is For You

Some people really need some space, and that’s completely fine. When a
guy is downright in love with a girl, though, there’s no such thing as
relaxing alone. Every passing minute is dedicated to yours truly – and
when you’re not available, chances are they’re planning the next big,
romantic date together.

4. He Spoons Even After Sex

The very act of spooning has a lot of meaning. When a guy doesn’t
love a girl, he would try his best to distance himself after doing the
dirty deed. When he spoons even after sex, though, that tells you just
how much you truly rock his world. Sleeping with you is just a bonus.

5. He Makes Sacrifices Without Question

A guy will always want to have it his way if he could. But when it
comes to the girl of his dreams, he’d be more than happy to cancel just
about any plans if it means keeping you smiling. This ranges from
hanging with the boys to sitting through a slow, romantic chick flick
with you.

6. He Fights For Your Love

A real man recognizes when things are failing in a relationship
without backing down. While any other guy would simply abandon ship or
look for refuge by cheating, this special fella would fight to repair
any and all damage to ensure the relationship survives for decades to

7. He Never Sugarcoats Anything

A guy that wants to get in a girl’s pants will say anything she wants
to hear. One who truly loves her, however, will instead say what she
needs to hear. His love is especially strong when he isn’t afraid to
explore potentially hurtful conversations with you. Now that’s a keeper,
right there.

8. You’re Always Beautiful 

Every girl feels down on occasion. No matter how much they try to fix
themselves, the mirror will simply keep feeding them an undesired
image. A guy who’s truly in love will never recognize the word “ugly”
under any circumstance, even if she isn’t conventionally attractive in
the eyes of society.

9. Respect Boundaries and Wishes

In spite of telling it like it is, a real man will also know where to
draw the line and respect your choices. He will support your career
choices and other strong desires, both short-term and long-term. This is
all thanks to being a good listener and being with you every step of
the way.