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Put Some Baking Soda in Your Private Part and See What Happens!

There are many intimate hygiene washes in the markets that guarantee to stay your genitalia healthy and smell-free. Before you try any of them, remember that they’re full of chemicals which will actually do harm to your delicate area. Why don’t you make your own intimate wash? It’s super easy, extra cheap and it doesn’t …


Vaginal discharge: What is the stain in your panties telling you?

Vaginal discharge is a woman’s way of cleaning and flushing out cells from her reproductive organs. But the nature of discharge can sometimes indicate a health problem. The perception on vaginal discharge can be very polarised. While some people, especially teens, can find it strange and can even get worked up about it, others get …


Why Hair Grows On Your Nipples: The Problem Of Most Women And How To Deal With It!

Have you ever casually noticed that you have hair on the nipples of the breasts? If so, do not worry, many women are actually faced with this situation, but they are ashamed to talk about it. Except for the nipples, hair may also appear on the earbuds, chin, and navel. These are three very common …


What Your Foot Shape Reveals About Your Personality

We all have different feet and toes, but no one actually thinks about what it might mean and does it connect with our personality in any way. Apparently, the shape of your foot can say a lot about your personality. Take a closer look at your feet to learn which description fits your personality. 1.  …