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A Woman Takes Off Her Bra for a While. a Few Weeks Later, She Can’t Believe How Her Breasts Have Changed

Women wear a bra all the time, sometimes even overnight. Bras come in different sizes and shapes, but did you know that you don’t need them to make your breasts more attractive? Squeezing your breasts into a bra doesn’t necessarily help you – in fact, bras have more negative consequences than you can imagine. Putting …


This Is The Chart That Actually Shows How Often You Should Be Intimate!

Everyone needs a touch of love and sensuality. But it is really important to practice healthy love-making skills, and start engaging in sensual activities when you want and with the one you truly want.  Freedom in love-making choices and determination is as crucial as having a right to vote.  Kinsey Institute conducted a study, based …


Military Hacks That Save Previous Time and Money!

Being in the army is what it makes a human complete, some people say. You learn dignity and respect, you strengthen up, you learn about discipline and productivity. Most of all, you learn about patience.  Here are some of the most useful army tricks that can save up your time, efforts and money. Originating from …


Weird Things Happening In The Woman’s Body

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. While we actually are the same species, women are so much different and looking at the body changes, so much stranger species than the men as human beings.  In ancient Greece, women were actually considered as different species than men. Read this and tell us if you agree with …


A Sign Your Face Sends When You Are Not Healthy!

Our organism is a complete unity. That means that when something is not functioning right, a manifestation of that can be something else completely!  Do you know which is the biggest organ in our body?  The SKIN! Thus, anything that is going on with our skin, such as difference in color and pigmentation, pimples, dark …


Before Bed Time Partner Rituals for Happy Relationship

Seems like spending real quality time together is slipping away through our fingers, whether is with our partner, family or friends. Spending time chatting on the Internet and sending SMS or calling each other is simply not the real way of communication.  Before going to bed, you should “switch off” the world and spend time …