Lose Weight Fast 10kg In 10 Days (4 Simple Ingredients)

Many people think that losing weight in 10 days is simply
impossible, but we’re here to prove them wrong. If you take a practical
approach to it, losing a significant amount of weight in 10 days is
possible. You just need to learn how to balance the energy you need
every day with the type of food you’re consuming.


Low-calorie diets can stimulate weight loss in most adults, but we
have something better. The 900-calorie diet you can see below is pretty
easy to follow and will nourish your body with essential nutrients that
will keep your health in check. The diet is based on 3 simple
ingredients – apples, oatmeal, and green tea, each of them with unique
weight loss properties.

Apples are full of fiber which can block the absorption of fat in
your body, in that way promoting weight loss. Green tea contains
powerful antioxidants that can prevent the accumulation of fat in your
tissues and fight free radicals, while oatmeal is a perfect breakfast
choice that will keep you satiated and reduce your cravings as well.
Here’s how many calories these foods contain:

A couple of apples – 230 calories

A cup of oatmeal – 160 calories

Green tea – 0 (zero) calories

1 carrot and cucumber each – 60 calories

6 eggs – 450 calories

Total = 900 calories

Here’s the diet plan for 10 days:


A cup of green tea (no sugar)

3 boiled eggs


1 apple

A cup of green tea (no sugar)

3 boiled eggs


A cup of green tea (no sugar)

1 apple

A bowl of sliced carrots and cucumbers


A bowl of oatmeal with some fruits, nuts, and flaxseeds

Late night snack

A cup of green tea (max. one hour before going to bed).

Besides following this meal plan for the next 10 days, you should
also avoid consuming sugar and salt, and take a 15-minute jog (or fast
walking) in the morning. Follow the plan closely and you’ll be able to
lose 10 kg. of weight in only 10 days!