Massage This Point In Between Your Eyebrows: Here’S The Incredible Effect On Your Body!

In this article, we’re going to present you an acupressure technique
that is actually a self-massage and it is extremely simple, yet very
effective! You only need to apply pressure on your forehead. This
massage will help you in cases of sinus infections as well as headaches.
Next time you feel pain similar to these, don’t reach for the nearest
painkiller! Try this massage instead! It’s actually an ancient method
that was used by the Chinese as well as in the Ayurvedic medicine.


Numerous scientists have researched this technique and they all claim
that only a slight pressure on some parts of the body can offer amazing
relief. All of the points on our body are connected to an organ. So, if
you apply even the slightest pressure on a particular point, it means
you stimulate an organ! Those points are present on the whole body,
especially on the hands, foot and face.

You should know that there is a governing meridian that goes down the
center of your face and forehead. You will activate the energy center
found under your skin as well as the flow of previously blocked energy
if you apply pressure. That will help you restore balance. By applying
pressure on the forehead, you’ll manage to improve the whole
circulation, but also stimulate the brain function as well as reduce
muscle tension.

This particular point is called GV 24 (Governor Vessel), but also the
Third Eye Point. Its location is between the eyebrows, a little bit
above the upper bridge of the nose, right where it meets the forehead.

Improved concentration, strengthening the sense of intuition as well as
relieved headaches are only some things you’ll acquire by pressuring
this point on the forehead. The time for applying pressure on this point
is from 45 seconds up to 1 minute.

You’ll also acquire numerous rejuvenating effects, prevent wrinkles and
sagging face, remove the negative metabolism and eliminate all the
nervous tension. Your blood as well as lymph flow will be stimulated,
but you’ll also have firm skin, correct any mouth and eye corner and
speed up any healing process!