NASA: These Plants Will Purify The Air In Your Home

Many factors influence the quality of air in the premises we live in. Smoking, the chemicals we use in everyday life, heaters. All this creates conditions for the proliferation of bacteria and mold and reduces air quality.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Some of them are thought to even purify the air. A study by NASA in the 1980s was conducted on this subject, and the official report stated that “domestic plants can purify and refresh air in the home and workplaces, reducing the side effects of frequent toxins in the air.” Here are some of the plants that entered the NASA list.

Aloe Vera

This plant is easy to grow and loves a lot of sunshine, so it’s great for keeping beside a window that pours a lot of light. Apart from the ability to purify the air, its gel is good for healing cuts and burns.


This plant grows very quickly and is ideal for growing in the environment. It is a crawling plant that, if properly grown, can reach a length of as much as 20 meters. Characteristic of it is that among other things it absorbs formaldehyde and benzene. Therefore, it can often be encountered in offices and other closed business premises. It is a tropical plant and requires a lot of water and moist air.


This well-known creeper adapts well to the interior conditions. It’s easy to grow and does not need a lot of light. Ivy, except for air purification, is good for removing allergens such as mold and animal feces. It eliminates carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.


The ficus is an evergreen herb that comes from India. Research shows that it is particularly good for removing formaldehyde from the air.


Schaeffler also known as “umbrella tree” – literally created for rooms in which smoking cigarettes, because this herb absorbs and neutralize nicotine and tar. The Schaeffler needs light and little water.


Chlorophthyme – an attractive ornament for every window and omit enough light in the home. This herb absorbs exhaust and is indispensable for everyone living on the first and second floors.