Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Permanently with This Recipe

Being a woman includes a lot of difficult tasks. One among tons of them but very hard for struggling with, is the facial hair.

No matter if on your jaw line, or chin, or ears maybe , one is for sure,
you have tried and done almost everything in removing it but the whole
process is just painful with zero effects provided. So, you end up
nervous and with hair again.

Many women very often try removing it by waxing but waxing besides
taking them off for a defined period of time and not permanently can
also cause some side effects.

Your face is a very sensitive area , so waxing can cause acne, and
redness afterwards. And can you imagine how hard and exhausting the
whole process is, being repeated every month along with his side

For those ready to say good bye to their facial hair, forever and ever ,
we have some natural and easy prepared solution. Middle East women
greatly used it for centuries.

For the miracle to happen you only need the ingredients such as: turmeric, chickpea flour, and a little bit of milk, or yogurt.

Recipe’s primary purpose is not only removing your unpleasant facial
hair, but also providing your skin with the appropriate care needed once
the hair is removed from it. There is a good reason for adding the
turmeric in these facial hair remover recipe.

It cleanses your skin, removes dead cells, and all the other unnecessary and disturbing impurities from your skin surface.

Additionally it stimulates the lymph glands and surface blood
circulation. Turmeric is good at easing acne, boosting radiance and
natural pH of the skin, because of the anti-inflammatory actions.

  • 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • Milk/yogurt

All the ingredients needed , can easily be found in the nearby health food store.


In a pot mix together the turmeric and the flour . Then add a little
milk (or yogurt) for putting together the ingredients and getting a
thick mixture.

Once the mixture is done, you next apply it on the desired zone in the
direction of the hair growth and leave it to work for 20 minutes. When
dried out, you should start rubbing the zone with a clean cotton cloth
and rinse your face.