The Best Natural Treatment For Skin Cancer

Over one million skin cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States
every year. It is considered the most common form of cancer among men
and women in the country. Today, more young people are diagnosed with
skin cancer like never before in history.

In fact, when you have any irregularity on your skin, you should not
wait until the condition worsens. You need to immediately consult a
qualified healthcare provider to diagnose the condition and treat it.

Closeup of dermatologist examining mole on back of male patient in
clinicTraditional skin cancer treatments include surgery and
chemotherapy which are not the best treatments for the condition.

Biopsies and other tests that involve radiation are not perfectly safe
for you. In most cases, early diagnosis helps treat skin cancer with
natural remedies. Here is the best natural treatment for skin cancer.

Eggplants are considered some of the most potent natural cancer fighters
out there. The eggplant skin has an active compound named solasodine
glycoalkaloids. During a recent study, this compound helped heal basal
cell carcinoma within one year of more than 78% of participants in the
study. Eating eggplant isn’t the best way to target the cancer cells.
You may have to use a topical solution for this purpose.

You will find many topical creams online that contain 0.005% solasodine
glycoalkaloids. Frankincense is one of the most potent essential oils to
heal skin cancer. It contains a compound named beta-elemene which
destroys the cancerous cells and stop their growth.

There was a report released by researchers at the University of Oklahoma
Health Science Center. It revealed that a test subject had healed basal
cell carcinoma by applying the essential oil to the affected area every
day for twenty weeks. Make sure you buy pure, organic frankincense oil
for this purpose.

Black raspberry seed oil is another effective natural treatment for skin
cancer. A test involving mice showed that black raspberry seed oil
helped destroy cancer cells naturally. A topical mixture helped prevent
the spreading of the tumor. The compound helped improve the immune
functions of the mice to fight cancer cells. You need pure black
raspberry seed oil for this purpose. They are available in most of the
online health food stores.

Milk thistle extract has been used to cure various diseases for more
than 2,000 years. A study conducted at the University of Colorado
revealed that milk thistle extract could destroy UVA damaged skin cells.
It also reversed DNA damage due to UVB radiation. You can use the
extract as a topical solution to treat skin cancer. Vitamin B3 or
nicotinamide is effective in preventing basal and squamous cell skin
cancers. Organic meat and nuts contain this compound. There are many
supplements that contain this ingredient. Look for a high-quality
natural supplement for this purpose.

Skin cancer affects millions of patients a year across the globe.
Traditional skin cancer treatments are too expensive and come with
dangerous side effects. That’s why you need to consider natural home
remedies for skin cancer. They are inexpensive and effective at the same