The Gynecologist Won’t Tell You About This Because You Can’t Buy It: Destroys Fungi, Vaginitis, Bacteria And Odor. The Best Thing Is That You’ve Got It At Home!

This indicates that you should be very careful and not ignore these
common symptoms, and these are – genital itching, redness, swelling of
the mucous membranes, foul- smelling secretion and abdominal pain.

Do you know what is vaginitis?

Vaginitis is an aggravation of the coating of the vagina which is caused
by pathogenic microorganisms or parasites. This disease affects around
30% of the women of childbearing age. If you want to understand the
cause o vaginitis, it is extremely important for you to remember that
the vagina represents a home for a large number of different
microorganisms (pathogenic and beneficial), and their balance depends on
the lifestyle, age, as well as the function of the woman’s ovaries.

Note: some of the well-known experts have stated that all of these
things can affect the content of glycogen in the vaginal wall, that is
converted into a high concentration of lactic acid (pH 4-4.5) and also
prevent the spreading of bad bacteria. The alkaline environment in the
vagina can cause many different disease, and in case you use antibiotics
in order to treat this health problem, you should well know that it can
exacerbate the problem and cause a spread of fungal infections. Some
chemicals and some drugs can cause allergic reactions and excessive
dryness. But, you do not need to worry, because today is your lucky day.
You ask yourself why, and that is easy to be answered, because there
are natural remedies that help in coping with this problem, and in this
article we will show you the most effective ones.

The home remedies that will be represented can normalize the microflora
of thevagina and eliminate the unwanted signs of vaginitis. Important to
note: just before starting this treatment, you will however need to do
some tests and find out what caused the disease (bacteria of yeast), and
then. This remedy made at home is actually very simple as well as easy
to be made, you will just need to follow some simple instructions. Here
you have what you need to do.

Home Remedy for Vaginitis


This one is actually very simple, you will just need to mix 2
tablespoons 9% acidity vinegar with 4 cups of boiling water and then
rinse the external parts of the genitalia with this solution. You should
repeat this process every day until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

Chamomile Tea

What follows is what you need to do. At the very beginning, boil 4 cups
of water and include 2 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers and stew them
for 5-10 mins. After that, rinse and wash with this potion while taking
into account the severity of the disease. Note: please ensure you
utilize this strategy just until the point that the microflora is
normalized. You should consider giving this lemon juice cure a try.

Lemon juice

You should really consider trying this lemon juice remedy. This is very
simple.. Just dissolve one tablespoon of lemon juice into four cups of
lukewarm water, and then douche with this mixture. After, you should
also know that the experts say that in order to prevent further vaginal
infections, eat dairy products, use underwear made of natural fabrics
and for the intimate hygiene use gentle products containing lactic acid.
Also, do not forget that it is also important for your partner to take
good care of his personal hygiene, especially before intercourse in
order to minimize the introduction of foreign bacteria into the vagina.
We surely hope this article is helpful for you and please do not forget
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