The Stress Relieving Method That Beats a Glass Of Wine!

Are you feeling stressed lately? Have you tried with prescription
pills, having a few glasses of wine, and still, nothing is helping?
Stress can be very harmful for the health in long terms.

That’s why we suggest that you try these few tips and tricks borrowed
from the alternative Chinese medicine and philosophy, who can cure your
stress and even insomnia, without the risk of getting drug abuse or a
headache from all that wine from the night before.

There are certain pressure points in our body that can relief stress,
according to the science of Acupressure. Without the need to study
whole books and spend years dedicated on traditional medicine, here are
few tips that guarantee a stress relief.

1. Great Rushing

This pressure point is located behind the webbing between the big and
second toe. Applying pressure on this point can help with abdominal
pain and regulate menstrual cramps. Also, it can help with the decision
making process.

2.Three Mile Point

Is located on the front of the leg, 3 fingers below the knee, towards
the outside area of the leg. It can restore energy and stamina and
regulates the energy flow in the overall body.

3. Inner Gate

Located on the palmar aspect of the forearm, lining with the index
and middle finger, is a pressure point that can help excess stress and
cardiac pain, palpitation and open up the chest for deeper breathing.

4. Grandfather – Grandson

Is located on the medial aspect of the foot, in the depression distal
of the foot, where fingers wide behind the root of the big toe. Putting
pressure on this point can help with gastritis, poor appetite, diarrhea
and irregular menstrual cycle.

5. Third Eye Point

Is located at the forehead, between the eyebrows right above the
nose. This pressure point can relief a headache, help with vertigo,
insomnia or nose bleeding.

6. Outer Gate 

Is located on the back side of the forearm, 3 fingers wide above the
crease at the wrist between the two tendons. Pressuring this point can
help with fever, swoleness and eye pain and pressure. Spasms and pain in
the hands can also be cured with this pressure point.

7. Union Valley

Is in the webbing between the index finger and thumb and is most
popular for curing headaches, as well as strengthening immunity and
inducing labor pain.

8. Heavenly Pillar

Is located on the nape of the neck, right below the base of the
skull. It eases neck stiffness, dizziness and pain in the back and

9. Crooked Marsh

Is a pressure point located on the inside of both arms, near the
lower end of the elbow. Pressuring this point can help with anxiety,
vomiting and nervous stomach, as well as bowel movements.

10. Central Treasury

Is located two fingers above the point where the arms meet the chest.
It can help relieve cough and pain in the chest, asthma and wheezing.

11. Will’s Chamber

Is located on the waist, at the lower back, 3 fingers wide on the
sides from the back bone. This crucial pressure point can help ease pain
in the kidneys and also streghten the lower back.

12. Spirit Gate

Is found on both forearms on the side of the little finger, on the
crease at the wrists. Pressuring it can help emotional issues, such as
anxiety and overthinking, but forgetfulness as well.

13. Sea of Tranquility

Is a pressure point located near the center of the breastbone, 3
fingers up from the base of the breastbone, at the middle between the
two nipples. Applying pressure on this point can help discomfort while
swallowing, acid reflux, chest tension, and emotional disbalances such
as hysteria.