These 9 Changes On Your Tongue Can Show All Your Diseases

Did you know that your tongue is the first organ that announces you if
something is wrong with your body? Believe it or not, doctors always
begin their consult by the tongue. We present you 9 aspects of the
tongue which are symptoms of various health issues.

If your tongue is red and covered in the middle with thick yellow layers,
then your body temperature is so high that it causes constant
nervousness. Generally, this situation is caused by skin issues or
urinary tract infections.

When the extremities of your tongue are swollen and covered in a white layer,
you should know that your digestive system does not work properly and
body retains water. As a result, you may also feel sleepy and tired.

A tongue covered in a white layer, sprinkled with red dots and tooth marks is a sign that you are out of energy, with no appetite and a bad mood.

If the surface of your purple tongue is covered in black spots you
should be aware that the circulatory system malfunctions, causing
headaches, varicose veins, chest pain and the sensation that your legs
weigh a tone.

cracked red tongue announces you that your
body is infected with fungus. This symptom usually comes with lack of
sleep, irritability or excessive sweat.

If your tongue is red and covered in a white layer,
then you are dominated by stress, which generally leads to fatigue and
inflammations of the nodes. In this case, the stress is caused by an
emotional change.

When your tongue is pale and there are no deposits on its surface, the blood flow is low, causing anemia, weakness and dizziness. For women, this symptom can also indicate a hormonal imbalance.

In case that your tongues is swollen, pale-colored and in its center there is a thick white layer you
may suffer from an autoimmune disease or lack of minerals or vitamins.
If you find yourself in this position, you may also feel pain in the
back or have a pale complexion.

If your tongue is red and covered in the middle by a yellow layer you may be dehydrated or you have digestive problems.