Top 10 Simple Ways How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

Most of us, at least once have faced with knee pain, regardless of
different reasons. Therefore, we offer a few tips that can prevent the

Strengthen your muscles

Strengthening the muscles of the legs, particularly the quadriceps is
very important because it provides support to the cup and tendons. Women
have more knee problems because they have less developed muscles. We
recommend daily exercises to strengthen leg muscles.
Relax the knees

Incorrect position, for example, too high heels burden the knee. Go
barefoot more often, and when you are away from home wear orthopedic
insoles to reduce the burden on joints thus, the knee pain.
Play sports

Best results are achieved with a smooth motion that does not unduly
burden the wrist, like riding a bike. Drive at low speeds and avoid

Wear knee braces for knee pain

Knee braces provide leverage and support the knee, reduce the burden and
facilitate the movement. They are excellent protection and prevention
of injuries and pain relief.

How to select the right knee brace?

Currently, on the market, there are more than 20 different models of
knee braces. Choosing the right knee brace should depend on two factors:
the type of injury you have and the type of recreational or sporting
activities you do. Here are some types of knee braces:

Closed patella brace

This knee brace is mainly used for controlling the swelling of the knee
joint, and is suitable for running and fast walking. It is also used for
discomfort in the knee. However, it is not recommended for those sports
movements involving squats or climbing stairs because the patella brace
cannot open and it provides additional pressure in the patella femoral


Open patella brace

The open knee brace has wider use in relation to the closed one, except
it is easier for everyday usage it is used for decentralized cup or
after its sprain. It is set so that the stabilization ring completely
covers the cup and it is especially important that the outer edges of
the cup lie well on the ring.
Knee brace with metal rails

This type of knee brace is usually prescribed by an orthopedist or a
sports doctor especially in cases following surgery on the ligaments of
the knee. This is a unique type of knee brace which is worn in the
everyday walk. However, the usage of the knee brace with metal parts in
most sports is not recommended.


Elastic knee brace

Suitable for use in sports and work activities because there are no
metal parts, and it is mostly recommended in the period after

Knees ligaments brace

The knee brace functions on the relieved ligament, with which it
distributes the burden to all of its parts. It is mostly used when you
feel pain in the ligaments of the patella in running/moving or jumping.