Weird Things Happening In The Woman’s Body

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. While we actually are the same species, women are so much different and looking at the body changes, so much stranger species than the men as human beings. 

In ancient Greece, women were actually considered as different species than men. Read this and tell us if you agree with this thinking as well. 

Breasts aren’t the same! 

Did you know that both breasts are actually NOT the same size? Well, here it is – only 3% of the total world female population have equally-sized breasts. 

Excitement is the same towards multiple objects of interest – whether it comes to sexual interest towards men or women, or, they imagine the taste of their favorite ice-cream or pastry, the arousal in the female brain is the same. This comparison between men and food is especially colliding in the pregnancy period, when the hormones work like crazy. 

Birth control makes you uglier 

Science has proven that men are “turned on” by the actual body shape and the smell of fertility a woman has. There are subliminal mechanisms and messages that tell the men’s brain which women are fertile, thus, the ones that are on “the pill” are mathematically inappropriate for them and thus – unattractive, compared to the women who don’s use birth control. 

PMS symptoms are connected with age 

Pain in different parts of the body, swollenness, migraines – these are all symptoms women have differently when they are about to get their  menstruation. And these symptoms are more likely to happen to females in their teenage and adolescence period, than to females who are above their 40’s. 

Women spot alpha-females more than men do 

A study shows that “in a group of women, the points of their shoes are usually pointed in the direction of the alpha. They easily pick up cues dropped by the alpha and even laugh the same amount of times as she does”. 

The x chromosome makes females healthier 

Women have xx, and men have xy chromosomes. This is due to the ability to get pregnant and be healthy and protective for two persons at one time, which makes them have more micro-RNA, responsible for strengthening the immune system. 

Females are smarter 

Though males have a bigger brain in size, females are better in intelligence tests, a study has confirmed. “Women have an ability to do multiple things at once is caused by a difference in the structure of their cerebellum. This area of the brain is bigger in females and has about 30% more nerve connections in it than male brains do”. 

Morning sickness is actually good for future moms 

This is a mechanism that actually helps the unborn baby fetus to avoid the toxins rom meat products, fish and poultry while it’s in the womb. Also, women who have morning sickness have a smaller chance of miscarriage than women who don’t. 

High-pitch voices 

Not only that women can scream really loud – they’re also prone to hearing and identifying high pitch voices from a very early age, unlike like men. A female baby can make a difference between a screaming baby and her mother’s voice even at 2 months of age. 

Body temperature 

Females have colder than males. Why? Because they have smaller muscle mass than men, and a higher ratio of surface area to volume, which makes them lose their body temperature faster and easier. That’s why women have colder hands than men.
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