What Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body if you don’t take a
shower for two days, umm…apart from that unbearable stench? There are
some seriously gross things that can happen to your body, if you don’t
take a bath for more than a day.

This article deals with the effects of not showering. You can excuse yourself from bathing only if
you’re in certain situations like a hectic trek along the Ghats or the
infamous water shortage crisis that our country faces.

So, if you want to know what happens when you don’t shower for 2 days, read
this article to find out. If you’re under normal situations then do not
excuse yourself from having bath as the consequences are unseen and

Showering infrequently is actually good for the skin,
but do not consider that as the best excuse to not have a bath at all.
There are several unpleasant things that can happen as part of the
effects of not showering.

Read further to know more about the effects of not showering.

1. Breeding Ground For Bacteria:

The offensive body odour isn’t just because of the sweat. Sweat is
actually odourless, but it is the bacteria that uses this place as a
breeding ground to thrive, that creates the odour.

2. Breakouts On Face:

This happens if you don’t wash your face when it is required – either before
hitting the bed or in the morning. This leads to grease, breakouts on
the face and other related skin issues like pimples and blackheads.
These are also some of the problems of not showering.

3. Takeover By Germs:

Even if you take a shower, there will be millions of bacteria all over your
body. These bacteria are actually good for the skin. But if you do not
shower for a longer period, then the control over this germ population
will go out of hand. These might end up in our eyes and nose and can
lead to problems like diarrhoea or flu.

4. Brown Patches On Skin:

Not showering can lead to the accumulation of dirt on the body. If ignored,
these can lead to large brown patches of plaque. This condition is
called Dermatitis Neglecta. This is one of the top effects of not

So, if you’re still wondering what happens when you don’t shower for 2 days, read further.

5. Inflammation:

which is caused as a result of eczema, a dry, red, itchy skin condition
can be worsened as a result of not showering. Showering will help the
skin from drying out and helps ease the rash.

6. Oily Hair Which Leads To Bacteria:

If you skip showering your hair, it leads to sweat being accumulated in
the hair providing a holiday retreat for bacteria to chill out up there.
This also causes odour and this is something that you want to avoid.