See What Hairstyle Is The Best For You According To Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays the biggest role in finding the perfect haircut for you.

Here are some tips for you to see how to find the best haircut for you. You will see for each face shape which hairstyle suits the best.

1. Oval face – Women with oval face shape should not have boring, straight and long hair. For woman with wavy or curly hair and  oval face the best haircut is the layered haircut because it will accentuate your cheekbones

2. Round face –  If you have round face and straight hair the best haircut for you is the shoulder length because it will accentuate your cheekbones. It is the same haircut for wavy or curly hair but the only the difference is that for wavy or curly hair the shoulder length haircut should be layered in order to get pyramid shape – which will contrast the roundness. The structure of the bones will be accentuated this way.

3. Heart-shaped face – 
Women that have straight hair and heart-shaped face can experiment with their hair, they should try the mega popular pixie haircut. Also the multi-layered bob is another good haircut for them.  For wavy or curly hair layered haircut is the best.

4. Square face – If you have straight hair the shoulder length haircut is the best for you. This face shape has the effect of big forehead and many women try to do something about it. In order to minimize it you will have to place the bangs from one side to the other. It is the same for wavy or curly hair – the shoulder length haircut is the best although you can also try layered haircut with having a few short wisps falling through your forehead.5. Diamond Face Shape – Side parts work very well for gentlemen with diamond face shapes so ensure that your hair is textured and a little messy, which will complement your facial features better. A textured or angular fringe will also balance out the wider proportions of your cheekbones with your forehead, lending a more balanced aesthetic.

6. Oblong Face Shape – Concerning hairstyles, you need to be conscious that you do not further elongate your face. The trick is to ensure that your face doesn’t look longer than it already appears. Pompadours avoided – you will need to opt for more balanced hairstyles without too much distinction between the sides and the top of your hair. A side part will work well, working to lend a bit of a dimension to a shorter hair length. A slicked back hairstyle or a sleek man bun will also better balance out the proportions of your face. Keep in mind that when you are styling your hair, ensure that everything looks neat as you will not want to add too much volume. Remember to stick to lightweight pomades that will keep your hair looking sharp all day but won’t add excessive height to your long face shape.