10 Warning Signs of Liver Damage That You Should Never Ignore

Liver damage is one of those
afflictions that happens to almost every adult above the age of 40. It
is a sign that you are not taking care of your body. But, do we always
understand the signs? No. Sometimes, we think it is because of the
things we eat, but it goes way deeper than that. Liver damage can be
potentially fatal, depending upon the severity of it. Interestingly,
your body keeps warning you about it. So, why not listen to it?

Here are signs that you should look out for liver damage:

1. Swelling of the Stomach

of those signs that hint at liver damage. Although, you need to
properly realize the place it swells. What you are looking for is the
upper left part, just behind the ribcage. If that part swells, you can
be sure of liver damage.

2. Stomach Pain

swelling is accompanied by stomach pain. It occurs just below the
swelling and happens in intervals. If it gets beyond your suffering
limit and you feel that your stomach is about to burst, go see a
specialist immediately.

3. Exhaustion

definite indicator of liver damage. This happens because your liver
isn’t being allowed to process all the toxins and yet the body needs to
work more. This leads to exhaustion.

4. Wounds

amount of protein starts decreasing in the body for the liver starts
fizzling. This results in the blood not being able to thicken, thus
leading to more wounds, which refuse to heal. Also, there is a direct
correlation between people with liver problems and blood issues. People
with liver problems have a lesser platelet count, which doesn’t allow
their wounds to clot.

5. Queasiness

is another indicator. People feel queasy when their liver refuses to
work and this sickness lasts for a long time. Sometimes, it gets too
much to bear and can also be fatal. What is needed at this point is a
quick visit to the doctor, who would help you deal with it.

6. Heaving

this might come in two different ways. One is dry, that is your stomach
wrenching and gurgling because your liver is unable to maintain the
disposal of toxins. The other being regurgitating the previous meal
because your liver cannot digest food now.

7. Loose Bowels

Bowel related activities go completely haywire when the liver stops functioning.

8. Hunger Issues

isn’t just a physical but a psychological problem too. When one has
liver problems, their brain tends to signal the rest of the digestive
system to not assimilate more food, for it would result in puking. Even
if you might be ravenously hungry!

9. Jaundice

it may seem something predominantly found in kids, jaundice can occur
in adults too. When the liver stops functioning, the toxins deposited
refuse to be destroyed and turn into bile. This bile then results in the
yellowing of the eyes and urine, while the stool becomes light. The
afflicted human should immediately start treatment.

10. Psychological Issues

the repercussions to liver problems can go till the loss of
concentration and focus. In some cases, it can also lead to Alzheimer’s.

Don’t neglect these symptoms and take care of your health.