6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love: Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Women are the most amazing gift men can have. Women care about men, love them, however, they also annoy men the most. Hence, many habits of women can really touch a nerve in men. For example, you constantly call him, you act like a child while doing something, you take selfies, you spend too much time shopping, etc. Nonetheless, there are some habits of women which men adore:

1. Her head in his chest

Men simply love it when a woman puts her head on their chest. In those moments, they feel as if they are giving their loved one a sense of security.

2. She plays with his hair while he’s driving

This is not only because of the physical pleasure from stroking his head, but men experience the caress as an expression of affection, love, and need for contact from the partner.

3. She praises him on Facebook

Men can’t get enough of public appreciation.

4. She listens to him carefully

This makes him feel loved.

5. Sends him texts and calls him when she’s with friends

Guys love it when women show that they think of them although they are busy with something else.

6. Affection in public

A man’s heart beats faster when you hold his hand or when you correct his hair while waiting in the checkout line.