8 Things You Should Not Do To Your Private Part

Some folks can be a little shy when talking about having problems “down there,” but these are important conversations to have if we all want to stay happy and healthy.

Vaginas can be temperamental, delicate little flowers. They sometimes do things we either don’t understand or really wish they wouldn’t do. But it is crucial that we take good care of them at all times.

There are many things that lots of women do on a daily basis that could be making them dangerously susceptible to infection. Some items that even promise to prevent infection or unwanted scents can be the very things causing the infections and odors in the first place.

Scroll through below for a list of 10 things you should never do to your vagina. Are you guilty of any of them? Did we leave anything off the list?

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1. Use Home Remedies
The environment inside of your vagina has a very delicate balance, and if you go around using home remedies such as tree oils or what have you, you could end up in great pain or with an infection.
Plus, these remedies may not be effective, so you’re better off going to the doctor if you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or something like a yeast infection.

2. Wear Skinny Jeans Every Day
Don’t throw them in the trash, but just alternate wearing them with other, looser-fitting clothing.
Wearing tight-fitting clothing all the time can lead to yeast infections or pressure acne, and no one wants either of those things. Make sure to give your lady parts room to breathe.

3. Use Scented Or Flavored Anything
Again, I cannot stress enough how delicate your vagina really is. The moment you add scents or flavors to the balance, your pH can fall way off kilter and you could end up with an infection, or just general discomfort and a more pungent smell.

4. Scratch It To Your Heart’s Content
Everyone gets itchy down there, even the healthiest of us, but you should still try to resist the temptation. You can cause further irritation, though the worst thing is that you could be delaying more effective care for a bigger problem like bacterial vaginosis.

5. Pierce It
Listen, I’m sure there are some appealing reasons to pierce your genitals, like increased stimulation. But you really have to weigh the pros against the cons on this one.
Imagine an infected piercing in such a sensitive part of your body, or imagine what it would feel like if the piercing got caught on something while you were getting intimate. It’s just an all around better idea not to get it done, especially because you may end up with an inexperienced piercer.

6. Decorate It With Gems Or Dyes
First of all, your vagina is beautiful as it is, and you should never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
Second of all, the adhesives on the gems can irritate your sensitive skin, and the chemicals in dyes can mess with your pH levels, or even burn your skin. Celebrate your natural beauty!

7. Douche
Douching removes everything that is inside of your vagina, including the good bacteria that keeps your acidity levels in check. Without those bacterias, you are leaving yourself completely unprotected against infection.

Stick to unscented soap in the shower (though just on the outside) and your body will do the rest.

8. Go To A Low-Rated Waxer
Every woman is entitled to groom herself as she pleases, but you should always look into the waxing salon before booking an appointment. Make sure that they don’t double-dip the applicator into the hot wax, as you don’t want wax that’s been on another woman’s lady bits touching yours, risking the transfer of germs, or worse.

You also want a waxer who knows what they’re doing, because an inexperienced waxer can leave you with uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown hairs that could then lead to infection.

Also be aware that removing everything could lead to a higher risk of contracting STDs, as removing the hair leaves your skin more vulnerable and ready to absorb bacteria. Your hair also absorbs moisture and helps keep you balanced, so make your waxing choices accordingly.