How Much Water You Should Drink for Your Weight?

To be a healthy person you need to drink enough water. Not only that you
will stay healthy with drinking enough water but you can also lose
weight faster that way because it will prevent overeating and it will
speed up the metabolism.

How to know how much water you need to drink on a daily basis?

With following these steps:

– How much water your body needs depends on how much you weight.

-Your weight should be multiplied by 2/3 (or 67%) and this will show how
much water you need to drink on a daily basis. For example if you are
175 pounds and when you multiply it with 2/3 you will get around 117
ounces of water.

-Also it is important to pay attention to the activity level or in other
words how much you work out. For example if you work out for around 45
minutes every day it means that you should add 18 ounces of water more
into your daily amount.

There is a list below that shows how much water you need depending on
the weight, all you have to do is to add the ounces of your activity
level into that amount and to reach your needed daily amount of water.

-100 pounds; 67 ounces.
-110 pounds; 74 ounces.
-120 pounds; 80 ounces.
-130 pounds; 87 ounces.
-140 pounds; 94 ounces.
-150 pounds; 100 ounces.
-160 pounds; 107 ounces.
-170 pounds; 114 ounces.
-180 pounds; 121 ounces.
-190 pounds; 127 ounces.
-200 pounds; 134 ounces.
-210 pounds; 141 ounces.
-220 pounds; 148 ounces.
-230 pounds; 154 ounces.
-240 pounds; 161 ounces.
-250 pounds; 168 ounces.

To reach your daily water goals you should immediately drink one cup of
water after waking up and one before going to bed and make sure you
always have water available for drinking near your bed.

Also make sure you drink 2 cups of water before each meal of the day
because that will reduce the appetite and it will help you to lose
weight. If you have a special container for the water you can easily
keep track of how much water you have consumed.

Also you can enrich the taste of your water with adding herbs or fruits
and this will make this process to be more fun. You can use for example,
limes, lemons or strawberries. Feel free to drink carbonated and
sparkling water as well.