Ladies You Should Know These 12 Tricks With Vicks VapoRub!

Vicks VapoRub is kind of a  popular remedy, that is used a lot  by many
people in the case of coughs and colds and this kind of health issues,
can in fact be a versatile product that might be used in numerous ways.

We are going to  suggest you twelve of these uses that will for sure ease your everyday life:

Fresh air

In case you want to freshen the air in the room, you should add a little bit of this ointment to the room humidifier.

Soften the heels

Place a thin layer of this on your heels, and then put on socks, and
then, leave it act until the next morning. After this done, wash your
feet and remove the dead skin cells by using a pumice stone. This shall
be repeated on a daily basis.

Treat headaches

If you want to treat your headaches, always use this product by applying on the forehead and the temples.

Prevent pet incidents

Place a little of this on the common places in the home where the pet
does its business, and the noticeable smell of it will prevent such

Insect repellant

The insect repellant that are sold are full off chemicals, so you should
use this product instead and it will keep mosquitos, flies and other
pesky insects further.

Treating toenail fungus

Place a little bit of this one on the affected nail every day before going to sleep, and then clip off the nail in the morning.

Reduce belly fat

First of all, crush a camphor tablet, then mix this with some alcohol,
sodium bicarbonate and this one, and stir until it is smooth and apply
on your belly. Take a plastic wrap and wrap the belly and let it act
during the night.

Prevent infection and inflammation

Wounds and cuts can very often get infected so you should apply a small
amount of this ointment on them in order to clean them and help their

Save the furniture from your cat

The cats like comfortable furniture and this kind of love may sometimes
cost a sofa. Leave it somewhere close to the place that your cat likes
to scratch and you will to deal with the problem for good.

Soothe pain in the muscles and the back

This one can relieve muscles and back pain as well, and all you should
do is  to rub a little bit of it on the affected areas and very soon, it
will give results for sure.

Get rid of your stretch marks

Put a little bit of this product on the affected areas by the scratch
marks, and you will have some visible results in less than two weeks.

Treat bruises

Apply this on your bruises so that way you will vanish them in a very short time