Men Have A Morning ”Secret” That Every Woman Should Know!

This is a bit difficult to be understood by the females. Women on the
other hand have different plans on their mind when they wake up.

There are certain studies that provide information why this is happening
to men. Yes, hard to believe, that science spent time on this subject
and they concluded that it’s just part of life, men of all ages wake up
with an erection.

The medical terminology for this occurrence is nocturnal penile
tumescence (NPT). There are some assumptions as to why this happens to
men when they wake up in the morning.

– Some people think the arousal is the result of a dream filled with sexual fantasies.
This phenomenon becomes less frequent when men pass the age of 60’s and 70’s.
The brain is controlling the body, but when men is sleeping parts of the
brain are also in a sleep-like state, so what happens is the p*nis is
on the loose. That’s why this kind of erections are controlled when we
are awake, even when a beautiful women is in front of us.

– He’’s a total man’s man in the mornings because he’s hormonal.
Also when it comes to testosterone levels of men, they are the highest
in the mornings, around 25% to 50%. Throughout the day they decrease.

– He rubbed up against you, the pillow or the sheets accidentally.
The penis get aroused by touch, physical stimulation. Hence, if the body
pressed against something or someone, it responded by making the penis

– A man’s erection comes after receiving signals from the brain telling him he is stimulated and ready.
Man often like to brag how long they can keep their erection up, but
this in some cases can be bad because the p*nis can hold that much blood
for so long.

– It’’s important for men to get a good night’s sleep to be productive during the day.
The better the sleep, the higher the testosterone it will be for men.
One research showed that getting more than 5 hours of sleep will boost
the testosterone levels of men for around 15%.

– You may need to start compromising as a couple.
Men tend to make love in the mornings and women in the nights, so there must be a compromise for successful relationship.

– If you happen to notice that he gets an erection during the night, he is not alone.
It is totally normal for men to have four to five erections while sleeping and each of them can last for about 25 minutes.

– The morning wood does not discriminate on the age of the males.
Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) happens to boys, grown men, and even babies in the uterus.

– A man’s bladder may also be making him get an erection.
It is believed that as the bladder fills during the night it stimulates an area in the spinal cord causing a “reflex erection.”

– Guys don’t worry or feel embarrassed. Getting the morning wood is good news.
This means that the testosterone levels are good.

– Not working out enough or being active can lower testosterone levels.
Working out and being active is also connected with this subject as well
as over all health, men we suggest you to stay active and healthy.