Psychologists’ Advice Never Say These 5 Phrases to Your Children

As a parent, you will always mean everything to your children. They always see you as an example and eventually will do everything you do, so be sure to set a good example. Your words and actions towards them can change their entire life and perception of it. During their young age their brains absorb twice as much compared to adults. Point is, if you do and say bad things to them, it’ll end badly for them mostly because they will say the same things to themselves. If you’re supportive and encouraging towards them, they’ll do the same for them.

Another crucial thing to do is to always remind your children how much they are loved, doing this from time to time will result in establishing a better connection between you and them. Teach them to love and respect themselves and everyone around them.

Here are 5 things you should never say to your child:

1. Never Yell At Them To Stop Crying
They have just as much right to express their feeling as you do, they’re having enough hard time, so instead of yelling at them, try comforting them find a solution for their hardships, they’ll appreciate that much more.

2. Don’t Call Them Useless
Never bring their value down by calling them useless and making them feel like they are some kind of weight you have to carry around with an attitude like this you will only crush their confidence which can be devastating at early age. Instead try to teach them to do something, encourage them to try again even after they have failed at something.

3. Never Call Them Weak Just Because They Are Afraid
None of us is fearless, every one of us has his own fears. Just because your child has difficulties dealing with fear does not make them weak. Try to encourage them to overcome their fear, teaching this while they are young will produce tremendous results as they grow.

4. Never Unleash Your Anger Upon Them
Just because you’re angry, whether it is on them or because of something else does not give you the right to call them different names like worthless, disappointment, etc. They care about you, and if you’re upset they are even more. If they’ve done something bad, teach them why they should not do that again instead of yelling at them.

5. Never Tell Them They Are Not Good Enough
This way you’ll only feed their insecurities, they will start losing faith in themselves. Try to motivate them that they can do much better, they can be much better. Always be their main source of motivation to get up and try again until they succeed.

Be careful what you say and how you treat your children. Because they will be the only ones who will take care of you then you’re old and tired. Being rude and bad with them will only make them hate you, and that is not good for anyone.