Put Potatoes In The New Shoes And Feel The Difference The Next Day

Probably almost every person, at least once in their life has faced the problem of tight new shoes they bought. And until they are relaxed and comfortable to carry, we are forced to endure unbearable pain.

But no worries! There is a very easy way to extend your new tight footwear before your feet get too injured.

Today we reveal to you a very simple way that will not harm your home budget and you will get results the next day!

An easy and effective trick to expand your tight footwear.

Take potatoes and peel them. Next wrap them in newspaper and place them inside your shoes. Have your potatoes in the shoe for 10-12 hours. During this time, the moisture from the vegetables will evaporate and be absorbed into the footwear walls, making them expand and relax.

Apart from potatoes, another home-grown way of achieving the same effect with plastic bags will be to fill them with water and put them in your shoes and put your shoes in the refrigerator for 6-10 hours.

Thanks to these homemade tricks your shoes will be expanded enough that you will finally be able to enjoy wearing them without suffering pain.