Putting Your Legs Against The Wall Can Save Your Life !

When someone mentions yoga, most people probably instantly imagine crazy shape-shifting poses, standing on your head, or meditating with your legs crossed for more than an hour!

However, yoga has numerous variations and poses that can be practiced from youngest to oldest age. Also, the great thing about yoga is that besides physical, you practice mental endurability at the same time.

And it has many health benefits. Plus, you can advance with the continuous practice of yoga daily.

A wonderful way to get started with yoga is a pose called Viparita Karani. It is an incredibly easy pose, also called “Legs on the wall” pose.

It has many variations, but the basic thing is lying on the ground, with your back straight, and putting your legs straight against the wall, forming the same line.

This pose can relieve tight muscles to promote relaxation and also reduce anxiety. But on the other hand, most yoga poses help with stress and anxiety.

This pose is basically practiced for the following health benefits it can bring you:

1.  Stress reducing and tranquility

This is achieved due to releasing of the muscle pain, and helping the body be fully relaxed. With putting your legs up, your blood flow increases, as you simply switch the gravitation field of your body. After you’ve practiced this pose, you’ll get better sleep the very same night!


2. Better circulation, which can also reduce inflammation

Because of the increased blood flow, your whole body will improve the circulation. This pose also strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system to stave off the dreaded fight-or flight hormones, which can help with some of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and miscarriage.


3. Releases the muscles in your legs and reduces pain, especially in the part of the lower back

The hamstrings, which are the muscles located on the thighs, are often the tightest muscles in the body. With practicing this pose you can release them. Pulling these muscles can also reduce pain in the lower back, as they’re pretty much connected and do the biggest part in supporting the body and keeping it straight during the day.


Note to women:

Viparita Karani shouldn’t be practiced while you have your period, as it increases the blood flow – and we surely don’t want that!

Also, if you have problems with your neck or your spine that request medication or surgery, don’t practice this pose without a previous consultation with your doctor. 

But if you’re struggling with inflammation, tension in the muscles that isn’t very rigid or bad circulation – than this is the right pose for you!

An improved circulation also reduces the chances of stroke and heart attack for at least 50%! This pose can save your life!

Practice it daily, for about 15 minutes, because the muscles need time to “forget” the position they’ve been in the whole day and just relax in the new, neutral position.And practice makes perfect, right? You can be a “yogini” in no time, with basic simple practice, but performed daily. Boost your