These Are The First Signs Of Breast Cancer At Which Every Woman Must Pay Attention

Breast cancer is a scary disease that is increasingly taking hold. Because of this serious illness, millions of our women die. Breast cancer can start in the mammary glands, milk channels, fatty tissue or connective tissue. There are different types that behave differently.

Fortunately, there is a way to recognize the first symptoms of horrible diseases and to start with treatment on time. This can lead to completely recovering from this disease.

The best way to fight cancer is to diagnose the time, or at an early stage, as it facilitates treatment and shortens your way to healing.

The most commonly associated with breast cancer is the lump, although it is not the only body change that can indicate this malignant disease.
These are signs that can guide you to early detection of breast cancer.


Moles are quite common in both men and women, but ladies should especially watch for the new ones. There is no guarantee that a particular shape or color definitely indicates cancer, but pay attention to those who are just appearing and must test them.

Urinary incontinence

When people begin to develop cancer, their hormones often go crazy. This means that the bladder can become weaker. As a result, leakage of urine even when they laugh, sneeze or cough only.


If you’ve ever talked to someone who has been struggling with cancer, you’ve surely described the incredible fatigue that takes her suddenly. This is due to the fact that your healthy cells are fighting against the cancerous ones, causing you to feel empty and even apathetic.

Problems with the lungs

It is known that cancer affects and weakness the vital organs. One of the first ones to get affected are lungs. Sore throat, permanent coughing, and even shortness of breath may be a sign that you should urgently go to your doctor.

Pain in the spine and ribs

Those who suffer from breast cancer often complain of unexplained pain in the spine. Although this is a common symptom, it can also be just a sign of bad posture. If you are not sure, check with your doctor.

Regardless, you should always consult a physician if you have any questions regarding the health of your breasts and all other potentially problematic parts of your body.

Painful and hypersensitivity of the breast

Pain and hypersensitivity of the breast and the surrounding area may last even after menstruation. Swelling and burning sensation may indicate inflammatory breast cancer who will have symptoms of swelling, itching and soreness. If there is a blue, scaly skin that looks like you have been hit hard, contact your doctor. Inflammatory breast cancer is progressing quickly and you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Changes around nipples

Since the tumor usually occurs below the nipple, it can easily change the texture, color or shape of the nipple. In the case of breast cancer, it is often felt that the touch of the nipples is reduced, especially during sexual intercourse. Additionally, the cause of care could be a discharge from the nipple that may be bloody, milky or pure. Contact your doctor immediately, but do not panic because it is possible that this is a benign change.

Palpable nodes in the armpit

Apart from the fact that the lumps can be felt in the breast, nodules that can be felt in the armpits can also be the symptom of breast cancer.

Emphasized breast asymmetry

Breasts are asymmetrical, but newly developed and visibly accentuated asymmetry of the breast is a possible breast cancer symptom and should not be ignored.

Keep track of your body, listen well and keep your health.