This Is How Headaches Reveal What Is Wrong With Your Health

The most popular trick to get rid of a headache is to eat bananas and
drink a lot of water. However, this trick is no always useful. The
reason behind is that there are actually different types of a headache
and thus the symptoms also are different. Apparently, for various types
of a headache, there is a separate treatment that we should follow.

The common treatment should not be used to all types of headaches. One
has to first analyse the reason behind a headache. Sometimes the
headache is caused just due to dehydration or fatigue whereas in some
cases it can be an indication of some other serious health issue.

The famous neurologist Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD has explained that the
frequent headaches can be a “red light warning signals”, thus we need to
understand the difference between the common headaches and those that
may are providing a sign to another health problems.

So, before you just pop up a pill to get rid of a headache try to find
out the health issues which a headache is indicating to you. Keep a
health diary if you frequently suffer from a headache.

Based on the reason behind the headaches it can be divided into four
categories. Here is in detail all about headaches so that you can treat
the health condition properly using natural remedies.


Sinus Headache

On account of a sinus aggravation, you may encounter a sinus migraine
that causes extreme torment. These cerebral pains are an outcome of a
disease, and may prompt a weight that can be felt on the cheeks, eyes
and temple, and additionally a fever.

 devour whatever number fluids
as could be expected under the circumstances. You potentially will
advantage a great deal from the utilization of warm water since it
successfully diminishes the irritation and opens the sinuses.

Moreover, consume oranges, sustenances high in vitamin C or beverage a
green tea with lemon, since vitamin C is high in cancer prevention
agents and will help the body to battle diseases.

Additionally, you can attempt to apply chilly and hot packs, decrease
the agony by eating a soup, or a crisp ginger, since it has capable
calming and torment diminishing properties.


Strain Headache

It’s the most normal migraine sort that is showed by a consistent weight
or agony around the head, primarily in the back of the head and the
neck, or at the sanctuaries.

Besides, it may likewise bring about a transmitting torment above or
beneath the eye territory. Regularly it might prompt sickness or
heaving. It’s accepted to be a consequence of an anxiety that prompts
compression of the muscles of the neck and scalp.

Treatment: Combine peppermint oil and
ginger tea keeping in mind the end goal to effectively lessen the agony.
Add some peppermint oil to the hairline to bring about a cooling
sensation with the aim to unwind the head and neck muscles. Likewise,
ginger tea will calm the irritation.


Cluster Headache

It may show up more than one eye, and it, for the most part, influences
females. It’s frequently repeating, and may happen in a cycle or in a
gathering. It shows up all of a sudden and prompts an extreme torment on
one side of the head. Along these lines, you could encounter a nasal
clog, a watery eye or a blustery nose. Its cause can’t be determined,
however it happens when certain nerve pathway is actuated in the base of
the cerebrum.

Treatment: Capsaicin cream has a dynamic
fixing called cayenne pepper. A little amount of it connected to the
nostril will bring about a hindrance of the nerve torment signals.



Headaches normally happen between the age of 25 and 55, yet they can
likewise be experienced paying little respect to the age. In America, 38
million individuals experience the ill effects of headaches.

This cerebral pain sort is far more confused than any another migraine
since it incorporates various distinctive neurological manifestations.
Headaches are showed by severe, extraordinary, throbbing torment on one
and only side of the head. In 33% of a headache, the torment happens on
the both sides of the head.

The torment is consolidated with different side effects like dizziness,
vomiting, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, touch, smell, sound,
visual disturbances, as well as numbness or tingling in the face. The
symptoms spread out from the top of the head descending.

Treatment: It has been demonstrated that
numerous headache patients advantage from the utilization of omega-3
greasy acids,vitamin B12 (riboflavin), and magnesium.

Include adequate measures of them in your eating regimen keeping in mind
the end goal to forestall headaches. Also, as per a 2011 study, oxygen
consuming activity can be exceptionally viable in keeping these cerebral
pains as the deterrent headache drug topiramate. Hence, a general
workout may substitute for the traditional treatment for a migraine.

Now, you are aware of different types of headaches. You can determine
the type of a headache based on the symptoms explained here and also can
follow the relevant treatment. It is essential that you go for a
natural method of treatment as the conventional treatment provides
temporary relief from the pain. In the long run, the conventional
treatment provides certain side effects which are harmful to your