30 Minutes Keratin Treatment At Home To Get Perfect Frizz Free Straight Hair !!

Today in this post I will share how can you easily do keratin treatment at home. Results are just like salon and will cost you much cheaper than salon treatment

If your hair look dry and damaged, it means they are not having keratin.

Keratin is a natural protein for our hair that our hair follicles produce to make your hair frizz free, smoothy and shinier, but when our hair follicles are not healthy, they can’t produce enough keratin and hair starts to look dull and damaged

To do this treatment at home you need to but keratin treatment cream. There are many brands available in market, you can choose any one of them.

I have personally used LUXLISS Keratin Treatment and it worked great for my hair (100ml cream will cost you around Rs.1800)

How to do this treatment at home:

  1. First make sure your hair is clean and dry.
  2. Divide your hair in small sections and apply this cream all over your hair length with help of hair brush.Do not apply this cream on hair roots (Leave 1 inch hair near hair roots). Spread this cream evenly on your hair). Repeat this process for each and every section
  3. Once application is done. Wrap your hair and leave it for around 30-45 minutesNow remove wrap and then blow dry your hair to remove all waves from your hair. Blow dry your hair in small sections to get the best results
  4. At last we will apply heat on your hair so this keratin creams penetrates well into your hair. Divide your hair in small section and apply heat on your hair with help of flat iron