5 Day Pineapple Diet To Lose 10 Pounds in Just 5 Days

Yes, you can lose five kilos in just 5 days with the pineapple diet.
These diet requires you to eat two kilos of pineapple for five days
along with additional healthy foods. The pineapple diet will aid you
lose water weight, mobilize the stored fat, and detox your body from

The bromelain in pineapples has too been investigated for it is
potential to combat obesity and burn fat. A few research has found that
it can inhibit adipogenesis (creation of fat cells) and augment
lipolysis (breakdown of fat).

So, by following these diet for five days, you’ll lose weight quickly
without harming your health. You’ll be able to do this diet for three
days or five days depending on your weight loss goal.

The 5 Day Pineapple Diet Meal Plan:

Day One:
Breakfast: 1 cup pineapple + oatmeal
Lunch: Grilled tuna + 1 cup pineapple
Snack: 1 cup fresh pineapple juice

Dinner: Tomato+asparagus+pineapple salad with baked chicken breast

Day Two:
Breakfast: Tomato+asparagus+pineapple salad with baked chicken breast
Lunch: Pineapple and lemon chicken salad
Snack: Fresh pineapple and watermelon juice with lemon juice and mint leaves
Dinner: Sauteed veggies with grilled salmon + 1 cup pineapple

Day Three:
Breakfast: 1 cup pineapple juice + mushroom omelet
Lunch: Tuna lettuce wrap + 1 cup pineapple or sprout salad + 1 cup pineapple
Snack: ½ cup pineapple tossed with black pepper and lemon juice
Dinner: Stir fried vegetables and chicken or mushroom + 1 cup pineapple juice

Day Four:
Breakfast: 1 cup pineapple juice + quinoa
Lunch: Pineapple+strawberry+kiwi with 1 tablespoon sour cream and cinnamon powder
Snack: 1 cup buttermilk
Dinner: Tuna salad + 1 cup pineapple

Day Five:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg + 1 cup of pineapple juice + 1 wheat pancake with maple syrup + 2 almonds
Lunch: Grilled mackerel with asparagus + 1 cup pineapple
Snack: ½ cup fat-free yogurt
Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with spinach and tomato + 1 cup pineapple

Benefits Of Pineapple Diet

Helps weight loss, ameliorates digestion, boosts immunity, prevents arthritis, speeds up metabolic rate and reduces inflammation

Note: Stop these diet immediately whenever you feel extremely weak