This Is What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Ear

Massage on shoulders, neck or back are among your favorite methods of relaxation. But did you know that there is a point in the body that gives your more benefits than any other massage? The Chinese called the Shen Men point as Heaven’s Gate. Shen Men is a stress point and it is located at the top of the ear. If you massage it, will relaxes you, gives you energy and strengthens the immune system. Pressing right on this point, reduce inflammation and pain will disappear. Use a cotton swab to massage this area of the ear, while inhaling and exhaling.

Sources of stress vary from person to person, and each of us experience the stress in different ways. Once the stress is installed, most of us are left with a feeling of discomfort and a form of anxiety, followed by a feeling of heaviness or pain in certain parts of the body. The first step that each of us we can do to relieve stress is the release of negative emotions. Next step is to eliminate physical effects that produce stress. This is the stage where psycho-reflexology is effective.

Our body contains certain anti-stress points and all you should do is to massage these points. Ancient Chinese doctors mentioned in their ancient history about the “Shen Men” or “Heaven’s Gate” point. Shen Men is an anti-stress point, which decreases stress considerably, increases energy flow and improves the overall health of the body. Also this acupressure point can reduce inflammation and relieve pain in almost every part of the body. Shen Men is located in the center of the upper third of your ear. Massage this point every time before you go to sleep.